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Heavy Coastal Artillery Norway

In Norway, coastal artillery began to be built at the beginning of the 20th century. During World War II, the country was occupied 1940-1945 by Germany and became part of the Atlantic Wall. The Germans built a great many facilities in the country.
After the end of the war, a number of the German installations were retained and became part of the Norwegian coastal artillery:
They invested during the Cold War in modern facilities, including 7.5 cm (see more under Light Coastal Artillery) and 12 cm systems from Swedish Bofors.

NOTE! The list below is not complete and will be supplemented over time.

40,6 cm SK C/34

Adolf cannon, actually 40.6 cm Schiffskanone Construktionsjahr 1934 (40.6 cm SK C/34) is a German cannon with caliber 40.6 cm, constructed in 1934. The cannon was planned to be mounted in twin turrets, Drehlafette C/34 (Drh .L). C/34) on battleships. However, the ships were never built, and the guns that had been successfully manufactured were released for use as coastal artillery. For this purpose, a separate armored turret/low deck was developed for the installation of individual guns in concrete bunkers, the Bettungschießgerüst C/39 (Bsg. C/39). The gun’s full coastal artillery designation was 40.6 cm SK C/34 in Bsg C/39.
Nr Canons Name Place Finished Closed
1 3 Batterie Dietl Engeløya 1942 1956
2 4 Trondenes fort Harstad 1943 1964

12 cm turret automatic cannon w/70

12 cm turret automatic cannon m/70 in Sweden also known as System ERSTA (Replacement Heavy Artillery). During the late 1980s, 8 12/70 pieces were exported to Norway, where they built 2 three-piece batteries and 1 two-piece battery between 1989 and 1994. Unlike the Swedish batteries, they implemented full EMP protection and built larger piece facilities to increase crew endurance. They also made use of 10 years of electronics development and utilized more modern fire control and connection systems.
Nr Canons Name Place Finished Closed
1 3 Meløyvær Fortress Krøttøya 1983  2002
2 2 Nes fort Lødingen 1991 2002
3 3 Kråkvåg fort Kråkvåg Under 80 talet 2002