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Coastal artillery Norway

The coastal artillery was a type of weapon within the Norwegian military. The Coastal Artillery was established on 17 June 1899 as a type of weapon in the army. In 1903 it was merged with the army fortresses and was named Festningsartilleriet. In 1934, the army fortresses were transferred to the Field Artillery and the name was changed back to the Coastal Artillery. At the same time, the Coastal Artillery was taken out of the Army’s organization and moved to the Department of the Navy. In 1957, the coastal artillery was integrated together with the navy into the new joint defense branch, the Norwegian Navy. On 1 January 2002, the Coastal Artillery and Navy were disbanded and taken over by the Coastal Squadron. However, the coastal artillery only formally ceased on 17 June 2007.

After the end of the Second World War, almost 300 German coastal forts were taken over by the Norwegian defense. In 1945-1946, the coastal artillery in Northern Norway made a record of what remained of German installations. Some of the forts continued to be used and others were cleared and abandoned.

Light coastal artillery

Heavy coastal artillery